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South Africa

Durban Dry Gin

Durban Dry Gin has a distinct citrus tone with a distinct subtle scent of juniper that comes through. There is a sweetness and a specific character in the background that is not found in most London Dry gins. The taste covers the palate with a deliciously oily character that spreads carefully on the tongue. The first taste that hits you is juniper - nice and fresh. Then comes flavors such as natural iris root, cardamom and African rosehip. Finally, a taste of juniper, lemon and a hint of heat from paradise barley and cassia bark. The style is a well-rounded classic London Dry Gin.

Alcohol content: 43% vol.
Bottle size: 500 ml
Our article no: 82962
Systembolaget article no: 82962

D'Urban Scarlet Gin

The D'Urban Scarlet Gin is the world's first gin made from cascara (the coffee berry). It is South Africa's most internationally award-winning gin, winning gold medal in New York, London and San Francisco. This unique gin is made in small batches and they use cascara from Beaver Creek Coffee Estate. Cascara is the red fruit that covers the coffee bean, and which gives D'Urban Scarlet Gin a subtle fruity taste.

D'Urban Scarlet Gin is a gentle gin that balances juniper and citrus with fruity flavors. It can be enjoyed as it is, or together with a premium tonic to get a perfect G&T or as a base in a classic cocktail.

Alcohol: 43% vol.
Bottle size: 500 ml
Our article no: 87516
Systembolaget's article no: 87516

D'Urban Barrel Aged Gin

This gin is stored in French oak barrels. In order to retain the freshness that characterizes a good gin, it is stored on these barrels for a limited time. D'Urban Barrel Aged Gin has a subtle citrus scent but also juniper and oak character that comes through. It has a good structure of natural iris root, cardamom and African rosehip and is followed by a subtle citrus flavor which then gives way to a spice that comes from the French oak. The oak generates tannins that convey a slight sweetness combined with vanilla and fruity tones as well as a hint of roasted almonds.

Alcohol: 43% vol.
Bottle size: 500 ml
Our article no: 82766
Systembolaget's article no: 82766

Coffee Liqueur

Heart of Darkness

The liqueur Heart of Darkness is a coffee liqueur made from AA-rated Single Origin Arabic beans that grow at high altitude at the slopes of Mount Meru in Tanzania. The carefully selected Arabic bean highlights the good coffee flavor and fullness of Heart of Darkness. The spirit used is the purest spirit that comes from the distillation heart.

When you first smell the Heart of Darkness, it is the caramel and sweet molasses that are first recognized. The medium roasted Arabic beans initially emphasize a complex taste of orange zest and vanilla, as the taste evolves, you will also find a hint of biscuits and pickled fruit followed by the chocolate fondant's sweetness. Heart of Darkness gives a creamy and soft finish.

Alcohol: 22.5% vol.
Bottle size: 500 ml
Our article no: 82849
Systembolaget's article no: 82849