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Domaine Guerrin & Fils

The farm was founded in 1926 by Jean and Jeanne Nuizillats. It all started with the fact that they started growing vines to make their own wine. After the creation of the Pouilly-Fuissé appellation, the winery is revived and the next generation takes over. The daughter Georgette marries the winemaker Henri Guerrin, and in 1984 their son Maurice and his wife take over. The vineyard develops significantly through their knowledge and accuracy in the production of their quality wines. In 2011, his son Bastien joins the business and continues the tradition.

Bastien Guerrin
Bastien Guerrin

Domaine Guerrin & Fils is working to promote the huge diversity that is the Terroirs in Burgundy. Their passion is evident in their rigorous work, both in the vineyard and in their cellars. This results in their wines expressing: fineness, purity and balance. The vineyard is part of a natural vineyard, without insecticides and chemical pesticides. It is important to preserve a natural environment, all in order for the wines to express their most beautiful properties. Their wines are thus a reflection of every terroir who proudly bears his name.

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